When a club is successfully established, it may want to again recognition for its achievements through a recognised scheme via the club accreditation process. These schemes provide club’s with a “stamp of approval” and can be good for the status of the club.

Sports-Specific Schemes

Such Schemes are operated by your National Governing Body. Many NGB’s now provide their own club accreditation scheme and this should be your first point of enquiry. ECB clubmark is an example of this.

Full list of NGB’s that run accreditation schemes


Clubmark recognises and values the commitment made by sports clubs to develop high quality, welcoming environments for young participants. The development of clubs that encourage young people to take-up sport, improve their talents, possibly play a leadership role and give them the option to initiate and maintain life-long participation in sport is an essential part of supporting the sporting infrastructure in England.

Clubmark accreditation is awarded to clubs that comply with minimum operating standards in four areas:

  • The Activity / Playing Programme
  • Duty of Care and Welfare
  • Knowing your Club and Community
  • Club Management

Clubs working towards accreditation can receive support and advice from their NGB and other partners such as county sports partnerships (CSPs) and local authorities (LA’s).

The Benefits of Club Accreditation

Accreditation helps to demonstrate that a sports club is well run and formally recognised by one of the national sports bodies. The process of becoming accredited means that clubs will need to review their general procedures and policies to ensure that they conform to the minimum standards required by the scheme and creates a fantastic opportunity for sports clubs to continue to develop its structure and progression whilst also gaining tangible benefits such as:

  • Increased chances for receiving funding
  • Increasing club profile and long term security
  • Increased membership
  • Improved coaching standards
  • Formalised links with local schools and partners

For support in gaining a club accreditation and more information please visit www.sportenglandclubmatters.com/club-mark

Since August 2019 Sport England is no longer providing general support for accreditation through Clubmark.

Club Matters are currently developing a new self-analysis tool that will allow clubs to perform a ‘health check’, expected to launch in 2020. In the meantime, club matters have their Club Improvement Tool to support your development journey.