Good coaching is the backbone of successful teams at all levels. They work with groups or individuals to improve their skills and abilities in a given sport or task. Most players and people working with teams have a good knowledge of the game, however the ability to deliver that knowledge to players in an effective, progressive and structured manner is the difference between a coaching session and a practice.

Sports coaches are crucial to the development of sport. Completing a coaching course will facilitate your ability to understand the methodology and technical detail required to be a teacher of the game. There are a wide range of coaches across the country at both a professional (paid) and voluntary capacity, and there are a number of organisations that are available to support them.

BCW Sports aims to provide advice, training, workshops and information to with regards to generic coach development and can also provide specific information about individual sports if required.

Below are some links to organisations specifically focusing on Coach Development:-

UK Coaching (formally Sports Coach UK & the National Coaching Foundation) has created generic and specific coach education courses, which have nationally recognised and accepted standards. The coach education standards have been developed by the industry, ensuring the end product is that required by the sport and recreation industry of today.

The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) is an endorsement of coach education programmes across sports within the UK set against agreed criteria including:

  • advance coach education programmes and practices
  • support the development of coaching as a profession
  • require a commitment to review and develop existing programmes and practices

Most Active Partnerships offer are range of support and advice to local coaches and organisations that either employ or hire them in the form of:

  • Coach Mentoring
  • Coach Managers
  • Coaching Resources

Coachwise Ltd, established in 1989, Coachwise Ltd is the trading arm of The National Coaching Foundation (known as sports coach UK), the registered charity leading the development of coaches and coaching systems in the UK.Coachwise provides valuable support in the sports, active leisure, public and voluntary sectors, via their three brands:

Are you a member of UK Coaching or a registered Coachmark* Coach??

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*Coachmark is a Hertfordshire County Council scheme managed by the Herts Sports Partnership